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Weg Auger Drive Motors - Single Phase TEFC

WEG Auger Drive motors are specifically designed for Feed-Drive units requiring a reliable and efficient motor. Provided with mechanical protection of centrifugal switch (to prevent damage to the motor in case of overspeed,) manual thermal overload protection and two bolts mounting NEMA “N” flange.

Weg Auger Drive Motors


• Single-phase, IV pole, 60Hz
• Voltage: 115/230V
• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
• Squirrel cage rotor
• Start Capacitor
• V-ring slingers on both endshields
• Dimensions according to NEMA Standard
• Class ‘B’ insulation (130ºC)
• High starting torque
• Double shielded ball bearings
• Manual thermal overload protection
• Two bolts mounting NEMA ‘N’ flange
• Extended Shaft (fan end) with wrench flats for manual jogging of auger
• Fully gasketed, terminal box and capacitor cover
• Centrifugal start switch protected from auger drive overspeed
• Start and run capacitor for 2HP and up
• Color: RAL 3002 (Red)


• Class “F” insulation
• Special voltages
• Specially dimensioned shaft
• Second shaft end
• Stainless steel shaft
• Flange mounting


• Auger Drive Systems