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Weg Brake Motors - Three Phase

WEG Brake motors consist of an induction motor coupled to a disc brake, forming an integrated compact and robust unit. The unit is TEFC, and has the same performance characteristics of WEG TEFC range of motors. The brake is of sturdy construction with few moving parts which ensures long durability with a minimum of maintenance.

Weg Brake Motors


• Three-phase, II, IV, VI, VIII, pole, 60Hz
• Voltage: 208-230/460
• 143T up to 286T* cast iron frame
• Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast
• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - TEFC (IP55)
• V-ring slingers on drive endshield and Lip Seal on Non drive endshield
• Ball bearings
• NEMA dimensions
• Class ‘F’ insulation
• Temperature rise: Class ‘B’ (80C)
• NEMA ratings design ‘B’ (High Efficiency)
• Service factor: 1.15 (Standard Efficiency) 1.25 (High Efficiency)
• Continuous Duty (S1)
• 104F (40C) ambient temperature
• Altitude: 3300 ft (1000 m)
• 1045 carbon steel shaft
• F1 mount
• Stainless steel nameplate
• Paint: Enamel alkyd resin base
• Color: RAL 7022 – Dark Gray (St. Eff) RAL 5007 – Blue (High Eff)
• NPT threaded terminal box
• Automatic drain plugs
• Slow, medium or rapid braking connectors - 230V or 460V
• Manual brake release


• Electric brake release
• Oil seal / Lip seal
• Special brake and motor voltages
• Specially designed shaft
• Space heaters
• Thermistor, Thermostats or RTD’s (PT100)
• Additional terminal box
• Roller bearings on drive end
• Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down applications
• Stainless steel shaft
• Higher torque brake available
• Design C for High Efficiency
• Insulation class ‘H’


Applications requiring quick stops and positive action at standstill
• Conveyors
• Gear reducers
• Machine tools
• Material handling equipment