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Weg Compressor Duty Motors - Single Phase ODP

These high quality motors are designed to meet the high torque requirements of air compressor loads. Ball bearings designs and manual reset thermal protection are standard features on all ratings. These heavy duty motors are rolled steel constructions NEMA 56 frames. Special electrical and features ensure reliable service and long motor life.

Weg Compressor Duty Motors


• Single-phase, II pole, 60Hz
• Voltage: 115/208-230V
• With manual overload protection
• Start capacitor
• Squirrel cage rotor
• Open Drip Proof (ODP)
• Fan cooled (internally)
• Ball bearings
• NEMA dimensions
• High starting torque
• Class “B” insulation (130ºC)
• Reinforced fixed base (MIG welding)
• Paint: Munsell N1 (Black) - 230V or 460V


• Class “F” insulation
• Flange mounted
• Special voltages
• Specially dimensioned shaft
• Second shaft end
• Stainless steel shaft
• Footless
• Automatic Overload Protection
• Other mounting configurations


Stationary and portable air compressors
• All kinds of intermittent duty compressors