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Weg Fractional HP General Purpose - Single Phase Motors

These Weg Fractional HP Single Phase Motors have a wide range of applications. Because of their high starting torque, they are particularly well-suited for heavy starting loads.

Weg Fractional HP General Purpose - Single Phase


• Pumps
• Air Conditioning equipment
• Farm Equipment
• Conveyors
• Business machines
• Gear reducers
• Compressors
• Tools
• Fans and blowers
• Packaging equipment


• Single-phase, II, IV or VI pole, 60Hz
• Voltage: 115/208-230V
• Squirrel cage rotor
• Start capacitor
• NEMA dimensions
• Class ‘B’ insulation (130C)
• High starting torque
• Ball Bearings
• Open drip proof (ODP - IP21)
• Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC - IP55)
• Color: RAL 7022 (Dark Gray)
• Continuous Duty (S1), 40C ambient
• V-ring slingers on both endshields (for TEFC only)
• Designed to operate in any position (for TEFC only)
• 208-230/460V


• Class ‘F’ insulation
• Flange mount
• Special voltages
• Specially dimensioned shaft
• Second shaft end
• Stainless steel shaft
• Footless
• Other mounting configurations
• Manual or Automatic thermal overload protection

Weg Fractional HP - Single Phase ODP

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Weg Fractional HP - Single Phase TEFC

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