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Weg Close Couple Three Phase ODP High Efficiency Pump Motors

WEG offers both JM and JP standardized types of ODP close coupled pump line of motors. Remember that ODP are suitable where dirt and moisture are at a minimum.

Weg Close Couple Three Phase ODP Pump Motors


• Three-phase, II and IV pole, 60Hz
• Voltage:208-230/460V, 460
• Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast
• Open drip proof (ODP)
• Class ‘F’ Insulation
• Temperature rise: Class ‘B’ (80°C)
• Service factor: 1.15
• NEMA dimensions
• Continuous duty (S1)
• 104°F (40°C) ambient temperature
• Stainless steel name plate
• 1045 carbon steel shaft
• F1 mount (with cast iron ‘C’ flange)
• Paint:Enamel alkyd resin base
• Color: RAL 5007 (Blue)
• NPT threaded holes in T-Box


• Cable glands
• Special Voltages
• Thermistors, Thermostats or RTD’s (PT100)
• Roller bearing on drive end
• IEC metric frames (on request) for frame 254JM/JP up to 365JM/JP
• Stainless steel shaft
• Class H insulation
• Design C
• 575V


Specially developed line for industrial and commercial pumping applications.
• Water pumping
• Process
• Transfer and circulating pumps